Buy High-Quality Carbon Credits and Help CarbonBuilt Decarbonize Concrete

We generate the highest quality carbon credits on the market — additional, measurable, verifiable, unique, durable, and without risk of reversal or leakage.

Our Carbon XPRIZE-winning carbon storage technology permanently removes CO2 from the atmosphere while dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of concrete blocks.

CarbonBuilt’s low- or no-carbon concrete is a massively scalable solution for avoiding new emissions and removing those that already exist.

Each factory’s yield is dependent on its number of production lines:

2,500-5,000 tonnes per year

CarbonBuilt replaces high-carbon cement with a proprietary blend of low-carbon materials. We also reduce or eliminate natural gas-based steam curing.

500-1500 tons per year

CarbonBuilt permanently stores CO2 taken from biomass-based industrial processes or emerging direct air capture solutions.

We use revenue from-high quality carbon credits as a financial incentive to encourage the conservative concrete industry to retrofit their plants with CarbonBuilt.

You can support our work in creating a self-reinforcing ecosystem to accelerate change — and decarbonize concrete — by buying carbon credits today.