CNN International Talks Green Construction & Ultra-Low Carbon Concrete with CarbonBuilt CEO

July 13, 2023 | Media Coverage

CNN’s Zain Asher spends time with CarbonBuilt’s Rahul Shendure on “First Move With Julia Chatterley”

How can green construction and low carbon concrete help mitigate climate change?

Watch the video below for a quick overview of CarbonBuilt’s technology, commercial production, and factors driving the company’s scale-up.

“It’s very rare to find a combination of climate benefit and economic benefit… so companies don’t have to sacrifice profits.”

— Rahul Shendure, CarbonBuilt CEO, Director

Where CarbonBuilt & green construction meet. 

As the world relies on concrete for construction and road building, the journal Nature estimated over 33 billion tons of concrete are used every single year.

According to one estimate, concrete is responsible for 7% of all greenhouse gas emissions, mainly in the production of cement, which is the glue that holds concrete together.

And this is where CarbonBuilt’s ultra-low carbon concrete technology comes in.

“This is a conservative industry, right? So it’s not unlike tech or medicine, it’s not one that adopts new technologies quickly… but the products can be tested right at the factory… long before the product ends up going to customers.”

— Rahul Shendure

How low carbon concrete cuts carbon footprints. 

As the company partners with existing concrete producers to retrofit their production plants, CarbonBuilt technology can cut their carbon footprint by 70%-100%—with costs recouped within 3-5 years.

So, it doesn’t cost more, it performs the same way, and it’s available today at CarbonBuilt’s first retrofit in Alabama.

Learn more about our ultra-low carbon concrete solutions here.


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